Season of Life

Wow.  So many things have happened over the last week.  So many feelings and emotions.  And I have to remember to keep them in check.

I call it a “God thing” when certain events happen all in a row and God reveals Himself to me at the end.  Like, things come full circle.  Maybe if you’re a Christian you know what I mean.  And this last week, God was there every step of the way.

I was in such a poor mood.  Frustrated, annoyed, depressed, angry, stressed, more annoyed.  Each day I woke up I told myself I’d make it a good day and then one little thing would just set me off and I’d sabotage the rest of my day.

My husband and I weren’t (well, we AREN’T) seeing eye to eye on certain situations.  I want to do one thing, he wants to do another.  And I was having a hard time with that.  I was putting all my hopes and dreams and goals on this ONE step.  And when he was shutting the door on me, I just said, “To heck with it all then!  I’m not gonna try at anything!  What’s the point!”  And I started to feel the urge to hide again.  To shut myself out from the world (like I had done before) and just stay in bed.

I got on the phone (after crying almost the whole day) with a dear sweet friend who gave me a lot of things to think about.  One was that while yes, this one door seemed to be closed, it wasn’t the end of my WHOLE dream.  It just meant I needed to take a different path.  I can’t give up on my WHOLE dream over one bump.  (Which you’d think I’d realize that by now, but like I said, I let my emotions get the best of me!)

So each day I was feeling a certain way, I’d open my devotional and find a story, prayer, and Bible verse to walk hand in hand with what I was going through.

For instance, one day I was feeling like my life would never change.  That my life would always consist of diapers, sippy cups, laundry, cleaning, dishes, tantrums, and fighting.  And my devotional was about feeling stuck in a situation.  About how all that God ever wants from me is to want Him. Love him. Acknowledge Him.  The prayer was asking Him to help me see my situation with clear perspective. I also realized that this is just a season.  This isn’t how it’s going to be forever.  My circumstances might not change today or tomorrow, but my outlook can.  I can keep moving forward.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other to work towards my goals and my dreams.

Then there’s the whole self-confidence/self-esteem issue I have from time to time. Feeling like I can’t do certain things well or that I’m not doing certain things correctly or friends with certain people, because there’s something fundamentally wrong with me.  I’ve always felt like an outsider.  I think even in my own family.  I never felt like I fit in.  I was always different with a different life then anyone else.  Different ideas.  Different points of view.  I just always tried to shut off those differences to blend in more.

And so God came at me with TWO things.  One, don’t put the whole of your identity into the smallness of a situation.  Because again, this situation isn’t going to be forever.  It can’t define ME.  The scripture was Colossians 2:9-10 (NASB).  “In Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority.” I just want to emphasize – IN HIM, I HAVE BEEN MADE COMPLETE.

The second thing was listening to a sermon yesterday (from my phone! I love technology!) and the Pastor said “The more we know God, the more we’ll become ourselves.  We’ll be the people He created us to be.” The more I know Him, the more I read His LIVING word, the more I’ll become ME.  The more I’ll be the person He CREATED me to be.  Which goes back to Him completing me.

I always had a problem with people saying “She completes me.” or “He completes me.” when they talk about a significant other.  I just truly don’t believe any human can fulfill us like that.  It’s not a reasonable thing.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I feel like I was all over the place today … I hope it makes sense or encourages you to seek God more in your life situations.  I tend to get so focused on ME and what I want, I don’t ask Him.  He already has a plan laid out for me.  It’s my job to seek Him in all things.  And no matter what happens, if I’m working towards His will for me, the path will be made clear.  Nothing can get in the way.


The devotional I’ve been talking about is called “What Happens when Women Say Yes to God”  by Lysa TerKeurst and you can find it HERE.


I do believe fall, is my favorite season.  It’s not too cold.  It’s not hot.  It’s like perfect weather.  But I live in Phoenix, so we still have another month or so of hot weather.  I’m anxiously waiting for it to get below 105 degrees.  Honestly, 90 degrees sounds beautiful.  (Which is so sad but that’s a true sign of living in the desert!)

Fall to me, means wearing things like this





Wire Knit Tights With Cardigan and ScarfSource

I have an obsession with sweaters, scarves, and boots.  I wish I could wear them year round!

What are your fall staples?

Not JUST a T-Shirt …

Take any t-shirt and add a little somethin’ something’ with these gorgeous pieces! Grab them on your way out the door!  Super easy and really versatile!


Jazz Up Tee

Silver Shiny Rings Necklace can be found HERE. Wear it with the rings, without the rings, long, or short!

Shimmy Rondelles Earrings can be found HERE.  I’m pretty sure these go with just about anything.

Indigo Mixed Chains Necklace can be found HERE. This can be worn long or short!

What do you think? Wardrobe essential? I think so!

Fall Accessories are HERE.

I can’t believe I still haven’t shared my Fashion Week experience with you.  To be honest, I don’t think I can put into words what that weekend did for me.  It was amazing.  It was my “cup filler” after being on empty for a LONG time.

BUT I HAVE TO share the new jewelry with you!  This catalog BLEW US AWAY!  Like we were jumping up and down like kids on Christmas morning.  It was a ballroom of like 500+ women who all clearly love jewelry – going nutso.  I mean when you see the catalog, you’ll understand why.  Yes, I did snap a pic of the cover as soon as I got it out of the envelope and started texting it to my friends and customers.  It was that stunning.


We got our white envelopes sealed with a gold sticker and we were waving them in the air, DYING to open them!

IMG_3258It’s laid out like a fashion magazine and broken down by trend.  So it’s really easy to find YOUR style.  (But most everyone I’ve showed this to, likes at least one thing from each trend, no matter what their style!)

You really can’t go wrong.  EEK!  This is definitely our best catalog yet.

Here’s a few collages to give you an idea of what the trends are.

Au Naturel Chain Reaction Ladylike Luxe Radiant The New Vintage Town and Country

What do you think?!  Stunning, right?!  And I love that you can just glam up a t-shirt and jeans with a lot of these pieces.

Check out the full catalog on my website:  You won’t be disappointed!

Tell me your favorite pieces!  (It’s really hard to pick out inventory because I would take one of each. So I value your input!)

let. it. go.

Today, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and a little stressed out.  There’s about a million and a half things I can think of that I want/need and am on an extremely tight budget.  And today it’s just like all of a sudden, I’ve got 5 big things I need to save for.  I’m trying to get my business up and running but I feel overwhelmed with that too.  Trying to work and do shows, is hard with two young kids.  Babysitters are EXPENSIVE.  I feel like half the money I earn in one night, goes to a sitter.

Ironically enough my devotional was about radical obedience and giving. Blessing others and giving to others instead of being selfish.  And today I feel really selfish.

Then my Bible verse for the day was about being thankful for all things.  And today I’m not feeling thankful.  Today I’m feeling upset and mad over all the things I don’t have and aren’t doing.

So, it’s time to drink my afternoon coffee and let it go.  Leave it to God to deal with and LET. IT. GO.  (Clearly I have a 4 year old where Frozen is in our conversations most of the day.)  Be thankful for what I do have and LET. IT. GO.  Or maybe I just need a nap.  Yeah, a nap sounds good.


Selfie Obsessed

I don’t know what my problem is.  I’ve taken more selfies in the last week then I have in my whole life.  It’s quite awful.  But I think when I feel cute, I want to capture it cause I don’t always feel that way.

So here’s a few pics from my Instagram feed.

SelfieObsessedIt’s a problem I have, right?! Sheesh.

So the first picture is of Zoe!  She’s starting preschool on Wednesday (Yes, we are a little late to the game!)  We took her to pick out her backpack and a folder.  I figured it would be something Princess related.  (I fought the good fight on that one.  She made it like 3 years before becoming princess obsessed.  I was never a princess kind of girl – in fact, never even watched Cinderella until I watched it with her.)  So I figured it would be Frozen, Princess Sophia … Or if not one of those, maybe Doc McStuffins, or Hello Kitty.  What does she pick?  BARBIE.  REALLY?!  I mean … First of all, I am NOT a Barbie girl.  Didn’t grow up with them because my mother was crazy conservative and Barbie was just not “appropriate”.  Zoe said she loves the backpack because it’s pink.  So I tried to find a pink, non Barbie backpack, and she wanted nothing to do with it.  *sigh*  The folder she picked out (which I didn’t get a picture of) is My Little Pony.  Again, thought it would be Hello Kitty or Frozen.  (No, I didn’t grow up watching My Little Pony either…Wait, it was a TV show?  Or just toys?  See, I don’t even know anything about them.)

The next one (going to the right), is just a silly one I took one morning while having my coffee.

Then I snapped one at the gym to prove I went to the gym. This was before I actually ran, so that’s why I’m smiling.

Then I took a picture of me wearing my Cookie Lee sunglasses that I wish I could actually wear but I don’t have contacts – just glasses.

And then the last one is me, waiting in the car (it’s still like 110 degrees here) for my friend to show up for coffee.  Isn’t my scarf cute?  It’s Cookie Lee too of course.  :-)

I’ll try to make sure my next 10 Instagram pics are not of me.  One will for sure be Zoe on her first day of preschool.  OH and in case you were wondering – she does get that awful, cheesy smile from me.  I found a few pics of me, around that age, with the same smile.