work work work!

I’m not complaining! Work is a GOOD problem to have! It’s just that in my life, when there’s work, laundry, kids, work, cleaning, laundry, and kids, my blog is what suffers!

But believe me, I MISS being here!

So, what have I been busy doing?

Well, partying!

That is my job after all.

The big thing I’ve been working on, is live Facebook parties!  I mean how fun is that?!  I hosted a Thirty-One Facebook party for my friend and it was SO awesome!  I got to stay home in my yoga pants, didn’t have to hire a sitter, and my friends from all over the world were able to participate!

So, I’m going to have one for my jewelry next Thursday, April 10th!  I’ll be doing giveaways and raffling off the hostess benefits!  Check out my Facebook page for details!  I’ve also been playing a fun guessing game and the winner gets an adorable, new necklace from our spring look-book!

Eek!  Can’t wait!


My special birthday girl!

I don’t normally share personal things about my kids because I want some separation in my life … I mean my kids are my life, but I wanted my blog to be a little more for me and not all focused on them. BUT yesterday was my sweet and sassy daughter’s birthday! She turned the big 4!

I think this year she really got that it was HER special day. She kept saying “Woo Hoo! It’s my BIRTHDAY!” Or “It’s the happiest birthday EVER!” I loved seeing her so happy and excited. I really hated to see her day end.

My mini-fashionista, asked for new sunglasses and she happened to get $15 between her great-great grandma and her great-grandma. So after we went to Build a Bear (a birthday tradition!) we hopped next door to the Disney Store where she picked up some new shades and Jesse (from Toy Story).

Then we had a little ice cream (before dinner!) and then we met my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to get her ears pierced. You know she cried! Even before they pierced her ears! But we got through it and the ladies at Merle Norman in Chandler did a FABULOUS job! She of course cried again when I had to clean her ears. Yikes. But now she’s excited and already wanting to go earring shopping!

Anyway, for dinner we ate at our favorite Italian restaurant and then headed to see her other great-grandparents where she got a scooter and a helmet!

Girl is SPOILED! Not to mention she has a party on Saturday! Oh and her grams got her an AWESOME Melissa and Doug grocery cart that looks like the real thing … Only better! So jealous I didn’t have that as a kid!

Here are the only two pics I snapped today! (My phone died! Baaaaad mommy!)



I am one blessed lady. My daughter makes me laugh everyday and she makes me see things in a whole different way. She drives me crazy, but my life would definitely be worse without her shinning smile everyday.

And I can’t believe she’s 4!! And soon, my son will be 2. I can hear baby fever calling my name! Hehe.

Peace and joy,


The NEW Spring Look Book is HERE!

This afternoon Cookie Lee released the NEW Spring Look Book and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about it!  The colors!  The styles!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  That’s all I can say!

Favorite Spring Look Book

1 – Ivory Blooms Necklace

2- Teal Pyramid Bracelet

3 – Fresh Facets Necklace

4 – Minty Facets Necklace

5 – Gold Dahlia Ring and Earring Set (There is a matching necklace here.)

6 – Felicity Oval Earrings 

7 – Multi-Color Pyramid Bracelet Set 

8 – Summer Sail Earring Set 

9 – Golden Rectangles Bracelet

IF you order from me (unfortunately not through my website-We don’t have a way to plug in a discount code) today through Sunday (3/16) I’m offering, Buy One Get One 1/2 off!  All these items are priced at $22-$38 regularly!! (The $38 item is the fanciest piece – the Minty Facets Necklace.)

I AM SO excited for these new pieces!  They are limited time only … Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Happy Shopping!


be still my heart

There is nothing I could love more then SJP AND Nordstrom.  I mean the two together … it leaves me speechless!

Have you seen her shoe collection yet?  More importantly, have you seen her shoe collection via the @SJPCollection Instagram feed?  Swoon.   (I wanted to share some of the pics but I can’t! So go look and see!!)

Anyway, here are some of my faves from her collection.  I need to make a trip to my favorite Nordstrom store in Scottsdale.  It’s my heaven. ;)

_8758458 (1)

Diana Pump via here.


Ina Pump via here.


Alison Bootie via here.


Cherry Flip-Flop via here.


Etta Pump via here.


Stella Sandal via here.


Can’t wait to try some of these on!  Better sell some jewelry!  ;)

Happy shopping!



Something for me to remember this Monday!


I will admit, some days when I feel like I’m not making a lot of progress with my business, it’s scary.  I wonder if I’m doing everything I can or should be.  I question every move I make (or don’t make!).  But I just keep going.  Like Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’, “Just keep swimming.”

March promo!

I can’t believe it’s already going to be March!  My daughter will be 4 in a few weeks too.  Time is going by way too fast!

So, to help get March off to a bang, I’m going to have some promos.

Book a show with me in March (the show DOES NOT have to be IN March) and I will give you TWO items at 50% off  (normally it’s just one) when you book.

Book a show with me in March to be HELD IN March and I will give you TWO items at 50% off AND bump up your hostess benefits to the next level.

You don’t even have to do a home or office show.  We can do online parties and or catalog parties!  So even if you don’t live in Phoenix, you can still get awesome hostess benefits!  Below are some of my best sellers just to entice you!

Email me at: to schedule or if you have any questions!

March Promo

One – Tubed Aqua Cord Bracelet $34

Two – Marrakech Silhouette Gold Necklace $29

Three – Faceted Champagne Ring $22

Four – Marrakech Design Gold Earrings $24

Five - Leather Watch $39