let. it. go.

Today, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and a little stressed out.  There’s about a million and a half things I can think of that I want/need and am on an extremely tight budget.  And today it’s just like all of a sudden, I’ve got 5 big things I need to save for.  I’m trying to get my business up and running but I feel overwhelmed with that too.  Trying to work and do shows, is hard with two young kids.  Babysitters are EXPENSIVE.  I feel like half the money I earn in one night, goes to a sitter.

Ironically enough my devotional was about radical obedience and giving. Blessing others and giving to others instead of being selfish.  And today I feel really selfish.

Then my Bible verse for the day was about being thankful for all things.  And today I’m not feeling thankful.  Today I’m feeling upset and mad over all the things I don’t have and aren’t doing.

So, it’s time to drink my afternoon coffee and let it go.  Leave it to God to deal with and LET. IT. GO.  (Clearly I have a 4 year old where Frozen is in our conversations most of the day.)  Be thankful for what I do have and LET. IT. GO.  Or maybe I just need a nap.  Yeah, a nap sounds good.


Selfie Obsessed

I don’t know what my problem is.  I’ve taken more selfies in the last week then I have in my whole life.  It’s quite awful.  But I think when I feel cute, I want to capture it cause I don’t always feel that way.

So here’s a few pics from my Instagram feed.

SelfieObsessedIt’s a problem I have, right?! Sheesh.

So the first picture is of Zoe!  She’s starting preschool on Wednesday (Yes, we are a little late to the game!)  We took her to pick out her backpack and a folder.  I figured it would be something Princess related.  (I fought the good fight on that one.  She made it like 3 years before becoming princess obsessed.  I was never a princess kind of girl – in fact, never even watched Cinderella until I watched it with her.)  So I figured it would be Frozen, Princess Sophia … Or if not one of those, maybe Doc McStuffins, or Hello Kitty.  What does she pick?  BARBIE.  REALLY?!  I mean … First of all, I am NOT a Barbie girl.  Didn’t grow up with them because my mother was crazy conservative and Barbie was just not “appropriate”.  Zoe said she loves the backpack because it’s pink.  So I tried to find a pink, non Barbie backpack, and she wanted nothing to do with it.  *sigh*  The folder she picked out (which I didn’t get a picture of) is My Little Pony.  Again, thought it would be Hello Kitty or Frozen.  (No, I didn’t grow up watching My Little Pony either…Wait, it was a TV show?  Or just toys?  See, I don’t even know anything about them.)

The next one (going to the right), is just a silly one I took one morning while having my coffee.

Then I snapped one at the gym to prove I went to the gym. This was before I actually ran, so that’s why I’m smiling.

Then I took a picture of me wearing my Cookie Lee sunglasses that I wish I could actually wear but I don’t have contacts – just glasses.

And then the last one is me, waiting in the car (it’s still like 110 degrees here) for my friend to show up for coffee.  Isn’t my scarf cute?  It’s Cookie Lee too of course.  :-)

I’ll try to make sure my next 10 Instagram pics are not of me.  One will for sure be Zoe on her first day of preschool.  OH and in case you were wondering – she does get that awful, cheesy smile from me.  I found a few pics of me, around that age, with the same smile.


A New Challenge

Well, it’s official friends.  I have a new goal.  A new challenge. A new WHY for my business.

FINALLY going back to school!  I discovered a school and a program I am TRULY passionate about.  Fashion Marketing at The Art Institute of Phoenix.  I went and met with an advisor yesterday for TWO hours.  It was so much more then a tour but really making sure this is the right fit for me.

It will be a challenge .. School full time, two small kids, a husband working full time.  But we know it’s only for a time.  It’s only temporary.  The sacrifices we have to make, won’t be forever and they’ll be worth it in the long run.

It has always bugged me that I haven’t gone back to school and finished what I started.  It’s always been a regret.  But it’s something I can change!  So, I’m hoping to start in October (I still need to finish the admissions process) so we will see.

There’s still a lot of challenges – getting in, getting financial aid … BUT, I’m excited for the journey!  So stay tuned!  (And perhaps send a little luck my way!  October is quickly approaching!!)


Summer Recap!

Well, the last couple of months have been oddly busy!  I took 3 road trips, kids went to Indiana for 3 weeks, I went to Cookie Lee Fashion Week, celebrated my birthday, and my 11th wedding anniversary!

I’m going to write a separate post about Cookie Lee Fashion Week because it was SO amazing and lots of pictures to share!

Here’s a brief recap of everything else! :-)

photo 1(1)

Hubby surprised me on my birthday with a trip to Sedona for the day. Got his mom to watch the kids and we went up to where were married 11 years ago. (My birthday and our anniversary are only 3 days apart). They totally surprised me because I thought we were going out to family brunch – everyone LIED to me! :-)

photo 2(1)

For my birthday I bought a puppy. ;-) Hubby is less then thrilled but the kids and I are happy.

photo 3(1)

Her name is Maggie. She’s a sweetie. Trouble, but a sweetie.

photo 1(2)

Been spending a lot of time at the gym. Lost a little bit of weight. Slowly. But I’m definitely more fit then I have been in a while! (Don’t mind me, I literally roll out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, and go workout!)

photo 4(1)

Zoe has been spending a lot of time dressing up.

photo 5(1)

Quite the diva.

photo 1(3)

This is how someone at a Starbucks in Texas spells my name.

photo 2(2)

My husband HAD TO eat at Franklin BBQ in Austin. We waited in line FOUR hours. I had to go to the car and change my shirt and take off my jewelry. It was SO humid and hot!

photo 3(2)

We went to San Antonio and saw the Alamo.

photo 4(2)

This was our after shot at Franklin BBQ. I’m not a meat eater so this was ALL for him. He was very appreciative. And he owed me a day of shopping in an air conditioned mall after this.

We had a lot of fun in Texas … On the way back we stopped to see Prada Marfa.  It’s literally a free-standing building in the middle of NOTHING along a highway in Texas just outside Marfa.  (It’s not an actual store.)

photo 1 (3)

I left my favorite bow earrings (as seen in a couple pictures above) at the hotel in San Antonio. SO bummed.

photo 1

It’s been vandalized a few times over the years. They’ve had to put up cameras and take out the bottoms of the bags to put in security devices to let authorities know if the items have been moved.

photo 3 (2)

Real Prada bags and shoes!

photo 3 (4)

I was pretty happy to see this random bit of art in the middle of Texas.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 4 (4) Sorry to just dump a ton of photos into a post but it’s the best way I could recap without being too boring.

The kids are back from visiting their grandparents so we have been trying to get back into our normal routine.  So far, so good!

How’s your summer been?!


Seriously.  I would keep all these pieces for myself!  Actually, I think I say that about ALL the jewelry.

Earrings are always my go-to piece of jewelry.  Sometimes I don’t want to wear a lot because it’s hot, or I’m out doing things with the kids….But earrings, they never get in the way!  Great way to add a little something to your outfit. Here’s a few new pairs I just got last week!

New Inventory

I love these gold pieces!  They go with just about ANYTHING!  Dress them up, wear them with just a t-shirt and jeans!  Perfect for any style.


And I know gold isn’t for everyone.  I have a friend who said it makes her look jaundice – to which we both giggled.  So here’s a little silver! I absolutely love the bracelets because they come as a set of 4!  I’m constantly mixing and matching them!! Necklaces are also a set of 2, so again, lots of versatility!

Silver Tassel

Which one is your favorite?!

Get Together & Give Back!

I struggle sometimes with wanting more … Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?  More money…More clothes…More vacations..More STUFF.  I think it’s part of our society now…Are we ever satisfied?!  Seems like there’s always something new to want!

So I was thinking…I have “enough”.  I have my basic needs (and a little more) met.  But there are families out there who need those basics.  I have been blessed with my business and I want to use it to give back.

Schools here in Phoenix start in August.  So I decided July would be a good month to collect donations for school supplies – pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks, etc.  I also want to raise money to help provide uniforms and shoes.

I think when we work together as a community, society, country, we can accomplish SO much.

Here are some details of you how YOU can help!  (And you DO NOT need to live near me!)

Get TogetherIf you want to get your friends and family together we can do an online party or you can collect orders and we can raise money – for any cause or charity you want! The point is – to Give Back!

So I’m challenging you … There’s something EACH of us can do to help one another.  Will you join ME?

weekend recap …

It’s Thursday and I’m just now recapping my weekend?!?

Well, my weekend consisted of a very sick little boy (the really nasty kind of sick!), lots of laundry, and an unsuccessful sale!  BUT I did get a lovely email from someone I emailed months ago and a show booked.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to one of my closest friends who’s moving across the country!  Our kids are good friends too so that made it doubly hard. UGH!

Continuing my workout routine and I LOVE working out!  I have never been someone to LOVE working out!  But now I can’t imagine not going.  It helps that hubby goes too.  And he makes up all our routines.  :-)  I bought a couple cute tank tops at Old Navy yesterday, perfect for working out, and they were on clearance!  Even better.  But seriously…I’m obsessed.  All I want is workout gear.  It’s totally a new me.  (I still have quite a few pounds to lose but I do see a difference in my body shape and a few pounds lost!  Just the beginning!) I downloaded FitSnap to sort of keep a digital journal of my workouts..I just ALWAYS forget to snap a pic at the gym!  Yes, I’ll be that person taking a selfie ha!  No shame.

Anyway, boring update, but it’s been a really long, yet fast week!!

Oh and also, I forgot how challenging it is to potty train a puppy!!  Yikes.  What did I get myself into!?!  Luckily she’s cute!