So, how long has been since I’ve written?!  Get ready for a lot of pics.

1) Noah went like 6 months without a haircut because the last time I took him he FREAKED out.  Then I started to get oddly attached to his long hair.  But alas … I said enough is enough and we took him to this fun kid’s haircut place and they did a FANTASTIC job! Super patient, really nice, and Noah didn’t cry once!  Yes, we bribed him with a Dum-Dum during his haircut and rewarded him with another one after. My philosophy is, Do What Works.  It’s not like he eats them every day.

20141123_125413 20141123_132038

2) I was organizing some things and found my “year book” from when I was a senior at this ridiculously horrible charter school.  I want to know where this girl went!  Almost everything I find from high school is this super confident, strong, determined teenager.  And I don’t know where she went!!  But I’m slowly finding her again.  This picture is from when I first chopped off my hair as a rebellion towards my mother.  I knew she’d hate it but I was almost 18 and at this point engaged to my husband, so I figured “What is she gonna do to me?!”  She told me I looked like a lesbian. Don’t ask what I’m doing to my shirt in this pic, I have no idea. But I still adore the quote I chose. And seriously, what didn’t I want to be?!  I’ve wanted to be everything under the sun!

20141126_1339473) Zoe and I made cookies one day to bring to a play date we were having the next day.  She knows her dad has a serious weakness for cookies, so she made him this sign.  And she was definitely serious about it.  It says, “You can have 1 cookie”.  The picture she drew is of a cookie jar with lots of cookies and there’s dad, only taking ONE.  And that’s pretty much how she explained it to me ha!

20141204_2115404) We went to Tony’s annual holiday party at work.  It’s geared towards kids which is really awesome.  They had a couple bounce houses and slides, donuts and coffee, face painting, cotton candy, and even some crafts. The station he works for, recently bought another local station so they will be merging in the next 9-12 months and all going under one roof.  So this year the party was at the station they just bought (where everyone will move to).  We got to take a tour (and this building is HUGE.  I seriously got lost), Santa was there and he even brought a couple gifts! Zoe was SO excited to see Santa and then she got up there and would NOT smile for a single picture.



img_6991 img_6994 img_6999

5) Just this last Friday we took a field trip to Schenpf Farms, for a field trip with Zoe’s preschool.  I brought Noah which was a little challenging because he’s my wild child, but we had fun and we survived! (I have an update on Noah’s speech therapy and we just started occupational therapy, so I’ll try to write about that next time.) We got to pick radishes, pet some goats and see some animals, and then at the end we took a hayride and saw some deer! Oh and we had a picnic lunch with our friends.

20141212_095426 20141212_095429 20141212_105328 20141212_105425 20141212_105444 20141212_110622 20141212_115618 20141212_134322

6) Saturday we had a date night, which like NEVER happens.  But we got tickets to see Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding concert.  It’s an annual concert to benefit his Solid Rock Teen Center here in Phoenix.  It was really awesome but it was 6 hours long.  I almost fell asleep.  Those empty-nesters really know how to P-A-R-T-Y.  Like seriously.  They were going strong all night!  I realized I’m an awkward age.  Not young enough to where loud music is ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’.  But not old enough to where loud music is helpful and allows me to hear better.  It’s just TOO loud. ;-)

20141213_190520 20141213_211209

7) Tony had a pretty awesome week at work.  He met two rock legends.  First, he got to meet Mick Fleetwood.  He interviewed him for a story about his photographs that he had up in a Scottsdale art gallery.  Then the next day he got to meet Alice Cooper.  He got to follow Alice Cooper around … I can’t remember what the story was about … I think the teen center.  So, that made it even more fun to see him perform.  (Along with some other really awesome and legendary people like Nils Lofgren and Jonny Lang….)  I will admit, I didn’t know many of the songs, much to my husband’s horror.  I did not grow up in a rock n roll house.  My parents didn’t even let me listen to the radio because they told me there was subliminal messaging.  They were also the people that believed KISS were Satan worshipers.  What I know about classic rock, I learned from my husband.

IMG_14832456678341 IMG_1127328807694957

I’ve been trying some new makeup and playing around.  I plan on writing about that soon and as I mentioned, I have some new things to share about Noah!  Oh and I still don’t have a Christmas tree.  We are getting one on Sunday or my friend will kill me and continue to call me Scrooge ha.  I was in the Christmas mood and then it left me.  And if we didn’t have kids, I probably wouldn’t even get a tree this year.  I think it’s the weather … It does not feel like Christmas! OHHHH AND I’m gonna share some new workout things I’ve been doing.  I totally changed up my schedule and am taking a few different classes that I LOVE including a new one they just added, barre conditioning.

I’ll see you back here SOON!  Have a fabulous Monday!

my favorite time of year.

I absolutely love fall and winter.  I love the holidays. I love the cold crisp air (and yet I live in AZ. Sigh.)  I love any excuse to shop for other people. I just love the feelings I get around this time of year.

I don’t get too caught up in the hustle and bustle.  I don’t run people over with my cart trying to get a good deal.  I don’t stress out about what to get for people.  I just try to have fun, drink lots of cocoa, and bake.

We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday.  Although husband took over my kitchen duties.  Which I know, I should be “thankful” for.  But I COOK, like REALLY cook, 2 times a year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had my recipes all organized and ready and I was actually looking forward to cooking. Then he just took over my stuffing and my potatoes.  He said he was “helping” me but really he just made me confused and got me all out of whack.  He and I function very differently in the kitchen and we can’t both be in the kitchen at the same time.

His family came over so there were 8 of us total.  It was a nice relaxing day.  And not that I’m bias or anything but I made the BEST pies.  Chocolate cream for Opa.  Maple-Pumpkin Cream because it’s Thanksgiving and we needed something pumpkin.  Those I made from scratch.  Baking is definitely my forte. Husband hates baking so he stayed out of the way.

Anyway, here is a picture from our family. Hope you had a lovely day too.  Now, who’s ready for Christmas?!  HA!  (Not me but I’m in the spirit!)


i broke up with my scale.

…. and you should too!

I used to weigh myself weekly.  But I decided it just wasn’t working for me, so I ended things.

Here’s what happens. I put in all this hard work throughout the week.  Feel great.  Think to myself, “Wow!  Surely I dropped half a pound or one pound!”, only to get on the scale and discover I gained 3 pounds!  And I’m REALLY sick of hearing, “Maybe it’s muscle.”  Because I really doubt that!  The feeling of complete disappointment and discouragement would make want to quit (or I would quit for a few days).

My solution is to just stick to measuring my waist, hips, thigh, calf, arm, and chest.  I was worried it wouldn’t be accurate – what if I don’t measure in the exact same spot I did last time but I think for the most part it won’t be off by that much.  And who knows how accurate my scale actually is!

Ultimately, I know it’ll help keep my disappointment to a minimum.  And that’s key … It’ll keep me from quitting!

Who knows.  Maybe in a few months I’ll get the scale out again and do monthly weigh-ins?  I’ll have to just see how it goes I think.

I Miss My iPhone.

I have commitment issues.  I have always been like this…Even as a kid.  I always wanted something new and exciting.  Something different.  I always wanted a new backpack or pens, or notebooks, or shampoo.  I just liked trying new things…(Except food.) And clearly that hasn’t changed.

I recently broke up with my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy.  I heard REALLY good things about it.  And it’s okay, but I REALLY miss my iPhone.  I gave it to hubby and he CRACKED the screen!!!  *rolls eyes* I mean, SERIOUSLY!?! (It was an old iPhone 4 and it still works, so I shouldn’t be that upset.)

So, now I’m saving for another iPhone.  *sigh* I’m cheap so I won’t be getting an iPhone 6 anytime soon ha! Part of it too is that we FaceTime with hubby’s dad and step-mom so it’s been harder to do that … Trying to find time in everyone’s schedules when hubby is home so we can use his phone.

I know … Totally first world problems.  I’m pathetic.  I admit that I am greatly addicted to my phone.  I try REALLY hard to not be.

And everyone that I’ve said this to, that I miss my iPhone, says, “Oh really?!  I LOVE my Samsung!”  Isn’t it funny … It’s like Dutch Bros. vs. Starbucks.  You either love one or the other!  Haha.  (Wait, do you know what Dutch Bros. is?! I am totally Team Dutch Bros. on that one by the way!)

What I’ve Been Up to Lately!

I’m really awful at coming up with blog post titles.  Sheesh.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been obsessed with lately.

YouTube makeup vloggers and tutorials.  I’ve calmed down a bit on the obsessive watching, but for a while I was like binge watching.  Don’t judge.  I’ve learned a lot about makeup.  I didn’t know much … Was probably doing my makeup all wrong.  But now hopefully I can change that.  Some of these ladies though … they have quite the collection!  I doubt I’ll be THAT obsessed but maybe I won’t look totally clueless when I try to pick out makeup. My three faves so far are – Young Wild and Polished, KathleenLights,  and Jaclyn Hill.

(There are flies ALL over my office right now.  So GROSS!  Kids play outside and leave the back door open and this is what happens!)

This also got me thinking about creating my own YouTube channel.  Wouldn’t it be fun to talk about makeup, clothes, jewelry, or whatever I’m passionate about that moment?! But I feel like I would have nothing to say or nothing informative to share.  Hmmmm.  But it still has me thinking .. Maybe I can come up with something fun.  I can barely write a blog (and I mostly consider this a personal blog for my friends and family who aren’t close by and or on Facebook.) so how I’ll pull off a YouTube channel … Who knows. :)

Working out. I tried a bunch of classes at the gym.  Kickboxing, boot camp, spinning (indoor cycling, whatever it’s called), yoga, and more recently tabata and tabata spin!  It’s my new fave.

Tabata is like high intensity interval training.  You go as fast and hard as you can for like 20 or 30 seconds and then rest for 10.  You go in 2 minute intervals. It’s intense!  But you can easily modify it to fit your comfort level. Then we do tabata cycle which is fun.  I almost threw up in one class but I think it was mostly in my head.  :)

The only downfall is tabata spin is at 5:30 AM.  But it really gets you going for the day!  Then I’m doing weight lifting two days a week and I wrap up the week with yoga.  Right now I’m working out 6 days a week but yoga has been really nice to stretch out my muscles and relax after a long week!  Sunday is my day off.

Crocheting. Every winter I get into a crochet kick….And here I am again.  I really want to make a couple BIG scarves and hats and head wraps.  I always start them but I’m not the best crocheter and I either mess up and have to start over or I just don’t finish.  In the back of my mind I know my mother-in-law is an awesome crocheter so part of me just wants to ask her to do it if I find the pattern and buy the yarn.  I mean she can crochet FAST and REALLY WELL!  I want her to start an etsy shop!

So I guess that’s it … I lead a boring life!  I feel like lately my life is school, my kids, and working out.  Life could be worse.  :)  Oh I will leave you with this one pic of my daughter.  It’s her preschool picture! It came out REALLY well.  She did three poses and they all were cute but I decided to just get this one and her class picture.  Can’t believe this sweet girl will be 5 soon!

Zoe School Pic0002

Recent Obsession

About 6 months ago I started going to the gym.  Five days a week.  And I’ve been able to keep it up minus a few weeks here and there – like when I started school and over the summer when I didn’t have the kids for a few weeks because they were with their grandparents in Indiana.  I started to get burned out right before I started school. And used school as an excuse to not go.

So, this last week I finally MADE myself go.  I hate coming up with routines on my own, I hate figuring out how to use the machines, I just feel totally lost, and quite frankly I can’t afford a personal trainer.  (My husband has lost 55+ pounds so he clearly knows what to do, but I hated what he made me do and I wasn’t seeing any difference on the scale…) So, I decided to try some new classes!

I have always wanted to try spinning (or cycling) classes.  But they’re a little intimating.  One of my friends LOVES going so I asked her for some advice and she helped put me at ease.  I decided to try the 30 minute “express” class.

First of all, my booty hurt way more then my legs did! HA!  That seat is UNCOMFORTABLE.  I burned almost 200 calories and went like 5 miles so that was great in 30 minutes!  I definitely felt a burn!  I’m trying to work myself up to the 55 minute class.  But I’m totally hooked!  Love it!  It’s challenging and I can go at my own pace.

Tomorrow I’m going to try Cardio kickboxing I think.  I know I need to do something with all the Halloween candy that will tempt me! :-)  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the kids.  I couldn’t find the right size costume (that wasn’t $40) for any of things I thought Noah would want to be. So, we settled on a ninja.  The adorable Asian toddler on the packaging may have greatly influenced my decision.

Zoe is going to be Queen Elsa from Frozen…Because there won’t be enough of them!

indexI’m really hoping that next year I can convince her to be something that’s not a princess.  She asked to be Cinderella again this year.  Her grandparents gave her a Minnie Mouse costume that was cute too.  I’m trying to embrace her love of princesses … But I’m just NOT a fan.  I’d even take Doc McStuffins at this point.

Wait, how did I get on the topic of Halloween?  Oh and no, I’m not dressing up.  I’m such a Halloween Scrooge.  I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween growing up so I guess that’s why I don’t get that into it.  But it’s fun to see what everyone else does!

Christmas however … That is MY holiday!  (Totally cliche right?)


art school … who knew!

I can honestly say, 10 years ago I would have never believed you if you had told me I would be attending art school.  I am NOT known for my artistic abilities.  And that probably won’t change!  BUT, I am REALLY enjoying art school.  My major is fashion marketing and this is only my first quarter, but I’m in love.  This is my passion .. this is my “thing” and I always let my fears hold me back from pursing this.

Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been struggles in my first week and a half.  I can’t tell you how many times I have said (or thought), “What have I gotten myself into? Maybe I should quit.” You should also know, I don’t handle change gracefully and I’m a perfectionist, so if I don’t get it perfect right off the bat, I want to quit.  It’s really stupid, I know, but it’s how I am and I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember.

For my first quarter I’m taking 3 classes.  Fundamentals of design (which is a core class no matter what your major), art history (which is very time consuming for me, but I have already learned SO much!), and costume history.  Art history and costume history are only 5.5 weeks long, so I will start costume history when I’m finished with art history.

I didn’t get much of a high school education because of the ridiculous school my parents sent me to and I especially did not get any art education.  I’m not sure why I didn’t just explore or learn about these things on my own … But regardless, I am really discovering things now and I love it!  My 4 year old loves art too .. More then I ever did at her age!  She loves to create and sometimes I think she could do my homework better then I can!

Alright, well that sums things up for now.  I’ve got an essay, two projects, reading, and a trip to the store waiting for me!